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Latest News
17.09.14 New Technology Scholarships take off at QUT

Aspiring tech gurus are encouraged to apply for the inaugural Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Young Technologists Scholarship at QUT.

17.09.14 Car hacking: the security threat facing our vehicles

The car of the future will be safer, smarter and offer greater high-tech gadgets, but be warned without improved security the risk of car hacking is real, according to a QUT road safety expert.

16.09.14 Hazelwood coal fire linked to 11 deaths

It is likely air pollution from the 2014 Hazelwood coal mine fire in Victoria caused the premature deaths of 11 people, a QUT health researcher said.

16.09.14 Interest rate rise will stop property bubble bursting

The Reserve Bank must raise interest rates next month or in November before the housing market enters a full boom and bust cycle, a QUT economist says.

16.09.14 QUT academic the first to map US entertainment power shift

If anyone can pave the way for Netflix in Australia, it's Stuart Cunningham.

16.09.14 Using solar energy to turn raw materials into ingredients for every day life

Just about everything we touch in the course of a day - car, phone, computer, fridge, detergent - even medicines, rely on the chemical industry to turn raw materials such as petroleum by-products, minerals and farm products into valuable chemicals that are the ingredients of life's essential objects.

Other News
16.09.14 Robot researcher combines nature to nurture ‘superhuman’ navigation
15.09.14 New gene research helps pinpoint prostate cancer risk
12.09.14 CARRS-Q to host international transport safety conference
11.09.14 Mushroom compound with Vit E suppress prostate cancer tumours
11.09.14 Concerned about binge eating? Join a free online study that aims to stop urge to purge
10.09.14 Getting the jump on competitors: QUT study
09.09.14 New benchmarks for rail incident investigators to improve rail safety
09.09.14 How much time in the sun for healthy Vitamin D?: QUT study
08.09.14 It’s on again! QUT’s fashion Fleet Store pops up for fourth year
08.09.14 QUT the employer of choice for Women in Technology
08.09.14 QUT extends Vice-Chancellor’s appointment
03.09.14 QUT leads nation with five star graduate business programs
02.09.14 Row, row, robo-boat: building the search-and-rescue vessels of the future
01.09.14 Forum on local governments' liability in disaster management
01.09.14 Patients support flu injections at pharmacies as vaccination program expands
01.09.14 Cube residencies a headline act for artists
01.09.14 Digital dominates $100,000 Innovation Challenge
02.09.14 Children’s health takes centre stage with new research partnerships
29.08.14 Bringing together a ballet: conversations with American Ballet Theatre
28.08.14 How Australian consumers bought the red-handed campaign and 'saved' Coles: QUT Business Leaders' Forum
27.08.14 Gifts that generate gratitude keep customers loyal
27.08.14 MEDIA ALERT: QUT ready for Queensland Small Business Week
26.08.14 Father of frugal innovation visits QUT
25.08.14 Australia must push for reform to outdated tax laws at G20
22.08.14 Bad behaviour more frustrating than bad driving: CARRS-Q study
20.08.14 Creative3 Forum mines Australia’s innovation
20.08.14 Mums trust mums on the net: Australian study
18.08.14 Creative3 pitch to catapult clever businesses
18.08.14 QUT celebrates 25 years as a university
08.09.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
18.08.14 Moody TV titles win an Emmy for talented QUT grad
15.08.14 Major changes needed for “our ABC” to flourish in the future
11.08.14 Confused about chemistry? Try this textbook on for size.
11.08.14 Siblings help make Explore Uni camps twice as fun
11.08.14 Death, dying & donating (organs): international conference this week looks at global law & practice
01.09.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
07.08.14 Retail leader to address QUT Business Leaders’ Forum
07.08.14 QUT study reveals toddlers’ diets at risk of iron deficiency
19.08.14 Robot invasion at QUT
07.08.14 True talent earns QUT film & TV grad an Emmy nomination
03.09.14 G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane
25.08.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
05.08.14 Robbie Miller returns to QUT to celebrate new Indigenous festival
05.08.14 QUT’s Commonwealth medal haul the envy of most nations
20.08.14 Unmanned Aircraft: Countdown to Mission Possible
05.08.14 MEDIA ALERT: QUT set for Super forum
20.08.14 $1.5 million simulator to drive down road toll
04.08.14 Australian Twitter accounts hit 2.8 million
01.08.14 New mums still excessively sleepy after four months: CARRS-Q study
01.08.14 QUT offers big prizes for big ideas
01.08.14 How-to skin check video useful for men 50 years or older
31.07.14 Rural loss and ruin can be avoided
31.07.14 Wealthy dig out dollars for welfare, health but aren’t warming to environment
31.07.14 QUT researchers win major funding grants to accelerate research
31.07.14 Australian shoppers ready to Netto a Lidl bargain
30.07.14 Discover real-world degrees, close to home
30.07.14 Free help for expecting and new mums at risk of depression
29.07.14 Fast food king takes QUT Alumnus of the Year crown
29.07.14 Cancer care researcher honoured as QUT Young Alumnus
29.07.14 Over 70 and still driving, who do you listen to?
18.08.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
26.07.14 QUT neuroscientist has developed the brain vitality index (BVI) to increase brain health app-titude
25.07.14 QUT builds links between China and Queensland schools
25.07.14 QUT neuroscientist has developed the brain vitality index (BVI) to increase brain health app-titude
24.07.14 New building designs compromised in WA’s bushfire prone areas
24.07.14 Six QUT researchers become ARC Future Fellowship holders
22.07.14 Stepping Out of university and into the teaching profession
22.07.14 Eighty-seven and still mastering his education: QUT’s oldest graduate
22.07.14 QUT’s Professor Tony Clarke appointed to lead fruit fly research
21.07.14 From Disney to distortion: why women don’t leave abusive relationships
Elephants pave way for new intel on Australian shoppers
Top award for QUT cancer researcher
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