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Latest News
20.10.14 Dance psychologist awarded for industry contribution

Associate Professor Gene Moyle has become one of the youngest psychologists to be awarded the 2014 Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Sport & Exercise Psychologists (CoSEP) Award of Distinction.

20.10.14 Searching for a solution to shortsightedness

QUT researchers have their eye on finding a solution to a short-sighted issue that can become a long-term problem.

20.10.14 Top marks for taking the pain out of timesheeting

A Brisbane-based startup 'turning payroll chaos into clockwork' has won the 2014 qutbluebox Innovation Challenge.

20.10.14 G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane

Preparations are underway for the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane on 15 and 16 November 2014. Friday 14 November 2014 will be a public holiday for all three QUT campuses: Kelvin Grove, Gardens Point and Caboolture.

G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane:
Information for students
Information for staff

17.10.14 Grants boost for QUT health research

A QUT project investigating the role mitochondrial genes play in migraines has received funding in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council grants.

16.10.14 Innovative ideas given global stage at QUT

The challenge for investors of innovative ideas is to overcome a fear of failure, a US-led roundtable at QUT in Brisbane was told today.

Other News
15.10.14 Small business success could start with a smile
15.10.14 MEDIA ALERT: US Ambassador hosts Innovation Roundtable at QUT
14.10.14 QUT study helps outdoor workers reduce their skin cancer risk
14.10.14 Power price relief plan will make little difference to bills
13.10.14 New scholarship sends next wave of QUT digital researchers to Oxford
13.10.14 Painful sex: new QUT study looks at psychological solution
13.10.14 Australians not prepared for dying with dignity
13.10.14 Clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of honey to treat dry, sore, red eyes: QUT study
10.10.14 Post-treatment health education program improves quality of life for breast cancer patients
08.10.14 Blood Moon rising
08.10.14 QUT academics honoured in higher education teaching awards
20.10.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
02.10.14 Young people in detention being held for longer without trial
02.10.14 Australian fruit fly biologist honoured
01.10.14 Study investigates age-related vision loss and driving performance
01.10.14 Expect 6000 more Australian deaths if pollution rises to ‘safe’ threshold
01.10.14 Palmer inquiry won't be independent
13.10.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
29.09.14 Qld’s brainiest teens take on humanoid robots in great STEM challenge
29.09.14 Tech-savvy hobbyists make UAV history
29.09.14 Dreaming stories, as told by a new generation
29.09.14 Revolutionary hamstring tester will keep more players on the paddock
26.09.14 Myth busting: digital tools prove key in changing bad health habits
25.09.14 UAV Challenge Outback Rescue a flying success
24.09.14 Keeping pace in the 21st century: Making health messages relevant
24.09.14 FunCaptcha prevents spam and improves website security
23.09.14 QUT student on her way to WTO in Switzerland
22.09.14 QUT forges pathway to new Australian biorefinery industry
22.09.14 Sewing Undies on the Sidewalk – QUT Fashion students support homeless women
22.09.14 QUT’s new unmanned aerial systems funding to target plant pests
19.09.14 Don’t cry wolf: Drivers fed up with slowing down at inactive roadwork sites
19.09.14 QUT business students engaging with real industry to solve real problems
18.09.14 Falling dollar to hit shoppers in the hip pocket
18.09.14 G20 must act to stop tax avoidance: QUT expert
18.09.14 MEDIA ALERT: A feast for your eyes! QUT hosts Food Symposium
18.09.14 High school high flyers on UAV rescue mission
17.09.14 Car hacking: the security threat facing our vehicles
17.09.14 New Technology Scholarships take off at QUT
16.09.14 Robot researcher combines nature to nurture ‘superhuman’ navigation
16.09.14 Hazelwood coal fire linked to 11 deaths
16.09.14 Using solar energy to turn raw materials into ingredients for every day life
16.09.14 Interest rate rise will stop property bubble bursting
16.09.14 QUT academic the first to map US entertainment power shift
15.09.14 New gene research helps pinpoint prostate cancer risk
29.09.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
29.09.14 2014 QUT Vice-Chancellor's STEM Camp - schools list
12.09.14 CARRS-Q to host international transport safety conference
11.09.14 Mushroom compound with Vit E suppress prostate cancer tumours
11.09.14 Concerned about binge eating? Join a free online study that aims to stop urge to purge
10.09.14 Getting the jump on competitors: QUT study
09.09.14 How much time in the sun for healthy Vitamin D?: QUT study
09.09.14 New benchmarks for rail incident investigators to improve rail safety
08.09.14 It’s on again! QUT’s fashion Fleet Store pops up for fourth year
08.09.14 QUT the employer of choice for Women in Technology
08.09.14 QUT extends Vice-Chancellor’s appointment
03.09.14 QUT leads nation with five star graduate business programs
02.09.14 Row, row, robo-boat: building the search-and-rescue vessels of the future
01.09.14 Forum on local governments' liability in disaster management
01.09.14 Digital dominates $100,000 Innovation Challenge
02.09.14 Children’s health takes centre stage with new research partnerships
01.09.14 Cube residencies a headline act for artists
01.09.14 Patients support flu injections at pharmacies as vaccination program expands
26.09.14 New gene research helps pinpoint prostate cancer risk
29.08.14 Bringing together a ballet: conversations with American Ballet Theatre
28.08.14 How Australian consumers bought the red-handed campaign and 'saved' Coles: QUT Business Leaders' Forum
27.08.14 Gifts that generate gratitude keep customers loyal
27.08.14 MEDIA ALERT: QUT ready for Queensland Small Business Week
26.08.14 Father of frugal innovation visits QUT
25.08.14 Australia must push for reform to outdated tax laws at G20
22.08.14 Bad behaviour more frustrating than bad driving: CARRS-Q study
New gene research helps pinpoint prostate cancer risk
Australian fruit fly biologist honoured
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