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Latest News
30.06.15 QUT Business students take to the national stage

A team of QUT Business School students helping to mentor migrant women and training homeless people to get jobs will compete against teams from 26 other Australian universities at the 2015 Enactus Australia National Competition.

30.06.15 Targeting Pacific Islander Women for Type 2 diabetes management study

Pacific Islanders in Australia are paying a heavy price for swapping their traditional diet for highly processed foods, with increasing obesity levels leading to skyrocketing rates of Type 2 diabetes among the local population.

30.06.15 Film history buffs curl up with Shirley Temple, vampires, femme fatales & Mad Max

Eighty years ago three little Christchurch girls took part in a Shirley Temple look-alike competition that sparked a lifelong Kiwi love affair with the curly-topped, dimpled cherub ... and led to a surprising university research project decades later.

29.06.15 Take on the world at QUT Open Day

QUT's graduates have tasted success across Australia and around the world ... now one of the university's best-known exports is coming home for the QUT Open Day on July 26.

29.06.15 QUT Professor awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship

A QUT project to help Australia thrive in the Big Data Era has been awarded $2.4 million in a prestigious round of research funding.

29.06.15 MEDIA ADVISORY: QUT astrophysicist can comment on Venus-Jupiter double act

Is it a star? Is it a plane? No, it's a spectacular planetary convergence.

Other News
25.06.15 QUT Professor awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship
25.06.15 Friends motivate us to drink more: QUT study
25.06.15 Eating in the absence of hunger: a recipe for expanding waistline
24.06.15 Batman got it wrong - most crime occurs outside the metropolis: international crime conference in Brisbane
29.06.15 QUT Visual Arts Graduate wins prestigious New Media Art award
23.06.15 High school students learn biofuels trade as debate on biofuel mandate grows
23.06.15 Not drink driving is often against the lore: QUT study
22.06.15 QUT law academic appointed to intergovernmental biodiversity program
22.06.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
19.06.15 Is temperament, not lack of willpower, behind weight loss struggle? Study seeks volunteers
18.06.15 Air travel and dementia – understanding the challenges for travellers, carers and airlines
18.06.15 BDO champions corporate philanthropy to aid disadvantaged students
18.06.15 Search for renewables inspires QUT’s Fulbright scholar
17.06.15 Digital poet builds world’s largest science fiction game
17.06.15 Octogenarians celebrate 70-year teaching reunion at QUT
16.06.15 Childhood obesity prevention program gets tick of approval from top doctor
16.06.15 Justice for all: QUT law students learn in Self-Representation Clinic
16.06.15 Truckies on the road to better health: Workplace intervention works
15.06.15 Boredom blamed for young male risk taking: CARRS-Q study
29.06.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
15.06.15 QUT-India collaboration on new vitamin therapy brings relief to migraine sufferers
15.06.15 MEDIA ALERT: Octogenarians celebrate 70-year teaching reunion at QUT
15.06.15 New collaboration boosts Queensland’s medical research
10.06.15 Epic fails in 2015 elections: does polling jeopardise fairness?
10.06.15 Calls to lift basic numeracy skills for students with disabilities
09.06.15 Queenslanders wanted to complete new survey on sun protection and exposure habits
09.06.15 Mackay residents urged to nominate for 2015 Queensland Road Safety Awards
09.06.15 Collaboration catapults Clark Beaumont’s success
09.06.15 Volunteers wanted for unique Alzheimer’s Disease early detection research project
09.06.15 Women of the World Festival WOWs Brisbane at QUT
09.06.15 Job seeking success: How to get that phone to ring
08.06.15 QUT cancer and eye researchers receive top Queen’s Birthday honour
05.06.15 Indonesian PhD candidate named QUT 2015 Student Leader of the Year
04.06.15 New funding kick-starts QUT hamstring tester
04.06.15 Young people need bail, not the lock-up without trial, to avoid future crime
04.06.15 Book now for free kids health checks at QUT Caboolture
03.06.15 Australian fossil forces rethink on our ancestors’ emergence onto land
03.06.15 Standardise Queensland’s trading hours and stop confusion
02.06.15 QUT celebrates student volunteers
02.06.15 Queensland Road Safety Award nominations open
01.06.15 50 Shades of endangered: marsupial mating habits to die for
01.06.15 QUT ‘steps up’ to showcase science teaching and spark students’ curiosity
31.05.15 Distinguished Professor James Dale is a ‘Queensland Great’
Wonder of Science on show for school students at QUT
Event Dates:  29.05.15 - 29.05.15
28.05.15 Roadside air can be more charged than under a high-voltage power line
27.05.15 Assault & robbery rates impact high-end property values
26.05.15 Why Aussies aren’t buying plug-in cars: QUT study
26.05.15 Fairfax scholarships help rural and regional students achieve their academic dreams
25.05.15 Professor joins the ranks of Australia’s most distinguished scientists
25.05.15 MEDIA ADVISORY: QUT physicist can comment on Nepal’s latest disastrous landslide
25.05.15 Cultures of complaint: “whingeing Poms” and “bloody-minded” Aussies
22.05.15 Resources royalties can be State Government revenue raiser
22.05.15 New device could spell the end of no balls
21.05.15 QUT looking for inspired researchers and academics
21.05.15 Digging deep to unearth success in mining ventures
21.05.15 Religious feeling influences new product uptake
20.05.15 Profiling our worst speeding offenders: CARRS-Q study
20.05.15 Crying wolf on youth crime wave in Queensland leads to record detentions
09.06.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
19.05.15 Australia’s Eurovision wild card debut to open the social media floodgates
19.05.15 Flood aftermath linked to post-traumatic stress: QUT study
18.05.15 QUT Business School earns place among world’s best
18.05.15 Taxpayers still footing the carbon emissions bill
25.05.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
18.05.15 QUT calls for future scientists as teens sign up for STEM camps
18.05.15 'Super Awesome!' world premiere for QUT acting grads
15.05.15 Queensland business icons set for Hall of Fame
15.05.15 New owners wanted for plump ponies
15.05.15 QUT student studying international tax says oui oui to Paris OECD Forum
15.05.15 Bond market recovery may spark stock market correction
Digital poet builds world’s largest science fiction game
QUT Professor awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship
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