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Latest News
Wonder of Science on show for school students at QUT
Event Dates: 29.05.15 - 29.05.15

High school students will get a chance to "speed meet scientists" in 10 minute sessions during a one-day event at QUT's Gardens Point campus this Friday (May 29).

28.05.15 Roadside air can be more charged than under a high-voltage power line

Despite community concerns about living under high-voltage power lines, a world-first QUT study reveals that there are far more charged particles beside busy roads.

27.05.15 Assault & robbery rates impact high-end property values

Ascot and Chelmer homeowners share a common problem with those in Inala and Cleveland - their property values are affected by changes in rates of personal crimes such as assault and robbery in their suburbs.

26.05.15 Why Aussies aren’t buying plug-in cars: QUT study

Is it price, perception or the sales person stopping Australians buying electric cars?

26.05.15 Fairfax scholarships help rural and regional students achieve their academic dreams

Moving to Brisbane has been a big step for first year QUT student Tahlia Fatnowna, who left her family behind on the remote island of Groot Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria to follow her dream to learn.

25.05.15 Cultures of complaint: “whingeing Poms” and “bloody-minded” Aussies

British people would rather tell all their friends and relations about a bad experience at a restaurant or faulty product than formally complain, whereas Australians prefer to be up-front and solve the problem directly with the restaurateur or retailer, a cross-cultural marketing study of complaint styles has found.

Other News
25.05.15 Professor joins the ranks of Australia’s most distinguished scientists
25.05.15 MEDIA ADVISORY: QUT physicist can comment on Nepal’s latest disastrous landslide
22.05.15 New device could spell the end of no balls
22.05.15 Resources royalties can be State Government revenue raiser
22.05.15 Cool paint job could blow away air con costs
21.05.15 Religious feeling influences new product uptake
21.05.15 Digging deep to unearth success in mining ventures
21.05.15 QUT looking for inspired researchers and academics
20.05.15 Profiling our worst speeding offenders: CARRS-Q study
20.05.15 Crying wolf on youth crime wave in Queensland leads to record detentions
19.05.15 Flood aftermath linked to post-traumatic stress: QUT study
19.05.15 Australia’s Eurovision wild card debut to open the social media floodgates
18.05.15 QUT Business School earns place among world’s best
18.05.15 QUT calls for future scientists as teens sign up for STEM camps
18.05.15 'Super Awesome!' world premiere for QUT acting grads
18.05.15 Taxpayers still footing the carbon emissions bill
25.05.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
15.05.15 Queensland business icons set for Hall of Fame
15.05.15 Bond market recovery may spark stock market correction
15.05.15 QUT student studying international tax says oui oui to Paris OECD Forum
15.05.15 New owners wanted for plump ponies
14.05.15 Helping drink drivers steer clear of reoffending: New CARRS-Q program
14.05.15 Even flush families find value in frugality
13.05.15 Pension policy will fail to be fair
14.05.15 QUT drive to uncover cars of the future
12.05.15 Reinvention the key to survival – outgoing Telstra boss
12.05.15 Former Secretary to the Treasury Dr Martin Parkinson PSM to address QUT Business Leaders’ Forum
11.05.15 A simple siphon could help mitigate damage from future earthquakes in Nepal
11.05.15 Young entrepreneurs make a splash at QUT
08.05.15 'Love bombing' the opening salvo of the Romantic Terrorist
08.05.15 Scholarship gives voice to young music talent
08.05.15 Popular media biased in promotion of medicalised birth
07.05.15 Ancient Chinese remedy found to be applicable to modern medicine
07.05.15 Take My Hand: Campaign to improve child pedestrian safety
08.05.15 Biorefineries to create a profitable future for agriculture in Australia
08.05.15 Australia Post to work with PwC Chair in Digital Economy
06.05.15 QUT launches child-focused family mediation service
26.05.15 QUT alumnus wins big for campaign
05.05.15 QUT visit to keep the ‘happy country’ smiling
05.05.15 ‘Dr Google’ doesn’t know best – search engine self-diagnosis and ‘cyberchondria’
05.05.15 One-woman nursing comedy is fully sick
05.05.15 Exercise not a magic cure for weight loss
04.05.15 Rate cut won’t make us masters of monetary destiny
18.05.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
01.05.15 Cyclists get say on new QUT safety app: CARRS-Q study
01.05.15 QUT Dance graduates leap into real world career with Expressions Dance Company
30.04.15 New study calls for changes to childcare ‘mandatory’ sleep rules
30.04.15 QUT researchers eye pioneering therapy to treat personality disorders
29.04.15 Is there charity in human cryopreservation? Strange and significant cases from the nonprofit sector
29.04.15 QUT breakthrough in 3D printing of replacement body parts
29.04.15 ‘Safe haven’ Commonwealth Bonds now as risky as stock
22.04.15 Digital media is changing your life: experts track how
22.04.15 QUT unveils Australian-first Chair to shape the digital economy
22.04.15 Brisbane pivotal to $250 billion global spatial industry
22.04.15 Listening to ‘daggy’ Dad music: why some kids can’t shake it off
21.04.15 Early child care experiences play role in kids’ future
20.04.15 QUT Classic puts 1300 runners to the test on May 3
20.04.15 New flood-resistant QUT Gardens Point ferry terminal opens
20.04.15 Shock horror: Humour persuades young males to slow down
20.04.15 QUT hosts Domestic Violence Symposium
16.04.15 QUT creative writing graduate a 2015 Stella Prize contender for first book
14.04.15 2015 Arrow Energy QUT Indigenous Scholarships announced
20.04.15 2015 QUT Nikon Small World Competition
01.05.15 Alumni newlyweds give gift of opportunity
09.04.15 Corporate tax crackdown must start on our shores
09.04.15 Volunteers wanted for unique Alzheimer’s Disease early detection research project
09.04.15 Outgoing Telstra chief executive David Thodey to address QUT Business Leaders’ Forum
09.04.15 Democratising research: a funding-system fix might be as simple as a secret ballot
07.04.15 The business of art: CJ Hendry’s strategy short circuits the art sector’s traditional model
02.04.15 Rate cut on the way but risk comes with it
‘Dr Google’ doesn’t know best – search engine self-diagnosis and ‘cyberchondria’
Professor joins the ranks of Australia’s most distinguished scientists
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