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Latest News
21.10.16 QUT professor honoured with prestigious award

A QUT professor has become the first Australian since Professor Ian Frazer to receive the prestigious West Lake Friendship award.

21.10.16 QUT startup space unveiled by Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

A startup incubation space to nurture the next generation of business leaders at QUT has been officially opened by Queensland’s first Chief Entrepreneur.

21.10.16 Crown-of-thorns starfish – nailed it!

It’s the moment the Great Barrier Reef’s been waiting for – confirmation QUT’s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) can help stop the reef’s most prolific pest, the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS).

21.10.16 Agbot the robotic weed slayer

Agricultural robot Agbot II, designed and built by QUT with support from the Queensland Government, could save Australia’s farm sector $1.3 billion a year by reducing the costs of weeding crops by around 90 per cent.

21.10.16 Groundbreaking QUT review on counteracting mobile phone distraction while driving

With mobile phone use by drivers now a reality, a groundbreaking QUT review looking at the issue as a task-sharing problem has recommended further research into how to make the practice safer.

20.10.16 Better diabetic foot disease care would save taxpayers billions

Australia could save billions of dollars in healthcare costs by investing in proven treatments for people with diabetic foot disease, according to QUT research.

Other News
20.10.16 To sir with love: students’ gift to a teacher brings 19th Century Brisbane back to life
19.10.16 The robot eyes have it: cutting-edge tool for koala conservation
18.10.16 QUT to host Brisbane’s first Climathon
18.10.16 Bright idea that’s streets ahead: Let’s switch over to LED street lights and save money & environment
18.10.16 Bank Australia committed to education for all
17.10.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - October 17 edition
14.10.16 Is coral a rainmaker? Scientific voyage to Great Barrier Reef investigates
14.10.16 QUT partners in 20-year leadership program to tackle social inequality
13.10.16 Magnetic wrist replacement attracts top innovation prize
13.10.16 Eco-friendly handmade textiles reveal Indian history and fashion at QUT
13.10.16 Brightest global minds brainstorm innovation ideas at QUT
12.10.16 Are Australian doctors’ legally obliged to inform women of their breast density status?
11.10.16 Lawyer who paved way for Canada’s new assisted dying laws speaks at QUT
10.10.16 Carnival Australia chairman to address QUT Business Leaders’ Forum
10.10.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - October 10 edition
10.10.16 Banks have been taking customers for granted, NAB CEO tells QUT Business Leaders' Forum
07.10.16 QUT pilot study to test sunscreen patch that could stop sunburn
06.10.16 Robot law – forging a new legal discipline @ QUT tomorrow
06.10.16 Diamond nanothread: why this versatile new material could prove priceless for manufacturing
06.10.16 Gut feelings really do guide the most successful financial traders
06.10.16 October spotlight on childhood obesity: key PEACH learnings and why do services matter?
04.10.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - October 4 edition
04.10.16 Robo reef protector to save Great Barrier Reef
04.10.16 Breast density raises breast cancer risk: women need to know
29.09.16 UAVs rise to the Challenge
28.09.16 Baden-Clay murder post mortem at QUT’s Crime Book Club launch
27.09.16 'Upskilling' Qld teens & teachers: Education Minister visits QUT for Vice-Chancellor's STEM Camp
27.09.16 Queensland's brightest teens go on quests for bionic ear, robot surgeons & invisibility cloaks
27.09.16 QUT wins global Intranet and Digital Workplace awards
27.09.16 Calamvale and John Paul Colleges rise to Challenge
26.09.16 Dementia care revamp to improve services nationwide
26.09.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - September 26 edition
26.09.16 Overseas heavyweight sports retailers take on Australian market
26.09.16 Tracey Spicer named 2016 Alumni Service Award winner
23.09.16 Author accolades for QUT mammal expert
19.09.16 Float into QUT to experience new Physics Observatory at The Cube
21.09.16 Living gene bank to help save wild koalas
20.09.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - September 19 edition
19.09.16 School students rise to UAV medical challenge
18.09.16 Hear ye, hear ye: help crowdfund a 3D printed ear for kids born without one
16.09.16 QUT research advancing Queensland
15.09.16 Landmark UN report promotes access to essential medicines
15.09.16 The makings of a good teacher as Queensland shakes up exams
12.09.16 Switch from shares to bonds will hit super funds and retirees
12.09.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - September 12 edition
12.09.16 Shame & stigma: partners of online child exploiters are DV victims too
12.09.16 Groomed for success: New York salon entrepreneur among QUT innovation finalists
12.09.16 Brisbane entrepreneur creates Wi-Fi sharing economy
10.09.16 QUT support leads to study success
07.09.16 Is 40 the new 50? Push for a new national local street speed
05.09.16 Mungbean partnership to revolutionise fight against halo blight
05.09.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - September 5 edition
02.09.16 New giant donut-shaped reef revealed behind Great Barrier Reef
01.09.16 Dieselgate: Consumer Rights, Clean Air, & Climate Law – QUT expert on ACCC action.
01.09.16 Uncertainty still surrounds Queensland abortion laws, say QUT researchers
31.08.16 New pollen alert system helps hayfever sufferers plan ahead
30.08.16 QUT honours history in expanded Creative Industries Precinct
30.08.16 National overhaul to know what teachers are needed and where  
29.08.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - August 29 edition
26.08.16 Brace yourself - VR is about to get real
26.08.16 Media alert: the future of entertainment on show at QUT CreateX party
25.08.16 ‘Communitainment’ is what young people want – QUT expert
25.08.16 Mad tech mash makes a mind-blowing augmented reality adventure
25.08.16 An imbalance in nutrients threatens plant biodiversity: Global experiment
25.08.16 Call to ban doctors from conscientious objection: QUT lecture
25.08.16 New funds to recharge battery research
25.08.16 Visual arts new lease of life at QUT’s expanded Creative Industries precinct
23.08.16 Northside STEM challenge: Robots open students’ eyes to the future
18.08.16 Tall Poppy winner ‘weeds out’ bacterial superbugs
18.08.16 Childhood sleep scientist awakens Tall Poppy awards
Robo reef protector to save Great Barrier Reef
Is coral a rainmaker? Scientific voyage to Great Barrier Reef investigates
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