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Latest News
05.05.16 Young adults needed for study into impact of Vitamin D on eyesight

Do you live in Brisbane? Are you aged between 18 and 25? If so you’re invited to take part in a QUT study looking at the role vitamin D plays in how accurate our eyes are at focussing near and far.

03.05.16 Scare campaign by publishers & authors not for Australians' benefit

The scare campaign by publishers and authors against the Productivity Commission’s latest report which recommends dropping parallel import restrictions is a ‘shame’, says QUT Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Matthew Rimmer.

03.05.16 QUT News & Events Wrap

Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 13,403 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter. To subscribe to this news wrap, please email media@qut.edu.au.

03.05.16 QUT develops new model to better predict crash blackspots

QUT has developed a new blackspot identification method that offers an unbiased prediction of crash counts and allows a more accurate way to identify high-risk crash sites.

29.04.16 Genes that raise the chances of non-identical twins identified

Gene variants that increase by 29 per cent a woman’s chance of giving birth to non-identical twins have been identified in a breakthrough international collaboration by researchers from Queensland, Iceland, Netherlands and the US.

29.04.16 End-of-life care doctors consider patient & family needs when deciding to end treatment

The first Australian study on how end-of-life care doctors use the term “futile treatment” to make decisions on whether further treatment should be given when a person has no hope of recovery and death is near, has been published in the Medical Journal of Australia today.

Other News
28.04.16 New technologies to eliminate fossil fuel use in the sugar industry
28.04.16 QUT first-time novelist signs two-book deal with UK publisher
28.04.16 Suspicious skin lesion images sent to doctors via mobile app for faster cancer detection
27.04.16 Hospital patients who miss or eat small meals raise their risk of death
26.04.16 Guns, IP, product liability – how will our laws deal with the ‘3D printing revolution’? 29 April QUT forum
26.04.16 Let Parliament deal with its liars; not Queensland police
21.04.16 Halfway set to pip others at post with major international music award
20.04.16 3D printed ear research boosted with Advance Queensland scholarship
20.04.16 Superconductors unveiled at QUT research facility
19.04.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
19.04.16 QUT professor leads Australia’s first robotic hip operation
18.04.16 Nanostructures grown on fabric can mop up oil spills
14.04.16 Back on the market: understanding condom use in the over-50s
14.04.16 QUT leads world-first new treatment for alcohol addiction
13.04.16 QUT gene patents forum looks at conflicts and legal milestones
12.04.16 How sleepiness affects young daredevils’ risky behaviour
26.04.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
07.04.16 QUT to host 2017 Young Universities Summit
08.04.16 Living in the digital economy and loving it
07.04.16 Drivers comply with cyclist passing rules: CARRS-Q evaluates trial
07.04.16 Treating sugar addiction like drug abuse: QUT leads world-first study
06.04.16 Panama Papers fuel debate on global activity-based taxation instead of taxing profit: economist
06.04.16 Outdoor light has role in reducing short-sightedness in kids
06.04.16 Spatial science and statistics turns the tide for cold-water biodiversity
06.04.16 New ads to deter young drivers using smartphones
05.04.16 QUT STEM Camp: Shout out to Qld's brightest Year 11s
05.04.16 Panama Papers leaker likely downloaded information over time: cyber security expert
04.04.16 New technology breathes new life into Amazon’s big cat species
04.04.16 QUT Classic off and running for 2016
01.04.16 Mini-Bunnings to spell disaster for smaller independents
01.04.16 How to avoid bringing up fussy eaters
31.03.16 Everyday foodies wanted for study into booming ‘food porn’ culture
29.03.16 Bright light and caffeine improve driver alertness: QUT study
29.03.16 Crime scene preparation real at QUT
22.03.16 National biosecurity project wants your lemons to fight fruit flies
22.03.16 QUT Indigenous intellectual property forum tomorrow looks at legal moves to protect IP
21.03.16 Individualised cancer treatment targeting the tumour, not the whole body, a step closer
17.03.16 Easter no excuse to gorge; moderation key for kids says QUT expert
17.03.16 Biotech pioneer leads QUT hunt for founders of the future
16.03.16 Parents vital to policing young drivers: Have your say
16.03.16 What you need to know about big data and what big data needs to know about you
15.03.16 Global study reveals genes as major cause of inflammatory diseases
15.03.16 Better safety and facilities will get more women onto bikes
14.03.16 Apartment developers to pick over bones of 'white elephant' shopping malls
11.03.16 Sharing the road with RoboCars: how will it work for humans?
10.03.16 World Science Festival Brisbane: talking to the future
10.03.16 Here comes the aeroplane…free videos guide first steps in feeding infants
09.03.16 Get sleep sorted by age 5 to help children settle at school
09.03.16 Using the power of song to resist smoking: QUT study
09.03.16 Cities in 2050: clean, green, nature-loving and quiet as a rainforest
09.03.16 Professor Nathan Efron receives prestigious optometry award
07.03.16 Kindness to strangers – what makes people give and volunteer? Largest Australian study on giving seeks participants
07.03.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
29.02.16 New York surveillance mission for new QUT Fulbright Senior Scholar
29.02.16 Money matters: how to survive uni on a tight budget
01.02.16 QUT congratulates Prof Carol Dickenson on Australia Day honour
27.01.16 Children with disabilities risk being misdiagnosed: QUT researcher
22.12.15 $19 billion Christmas food spree is well underway
08.12.15 QUT sculptor’s career gets freeway fast-track
22.09.15 Andrew on track for great career
Living in the digital economy and loving it
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