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Latest News
28.11.14 Leadership is up to all of us: The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce at the QUT Business Leaders' Forum

More than 40 years after the first women's refuges were set up, 175 domestic violence incidents are reported each day in Queensland with one woman dying at the hands of a person she loved every week.

28.11.14 Pitching maths through music at Emerald

Students at Emerald State High School could be more tuned int o their maths classes next week than students anywhere else on earth.

25.11.14 Hall of Fame honours construction industry leaders

Two leading lights of the Brisbane construction industry have been named the 2014 recipients of Distinguished Constructor Awards and will take their place in the Construction Hall of Fame at QUT.

25.11.14 Doctors must talk to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander men about prostate cancer: new book

A new book by QUT alumnus Dr Mick Adams on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men's sexual and reproductive health contains the findings and recommendations from his PhD research at QUT.

25.11.14 Incomes fall as stressed economy struggles

Australian average incomes are falling with the country's population growth "masking underlying economic weakness", according to a QUT economist.

24.11.14 QUT criminologist awarded for lifetime achievement by American Society of Criminology

The first-ever American Society of Criminology Lifetime Achievement award (Division of Critical Criminology) to be made to an Australian criminologist has been conferred on Professor Kerry Carrington, head of QUT's School of Justice, Faculty of Law.

Other News
24.11.14 Parents of children born to commercial surrogates risk not being the legal parents
24.11.14 G20 talk fest echoed on Twitter
21.11.14 FoFA and economics - it helps us understand the incentives at work for financial advisors.
21.11.14 Always tired? QUT leads drug-free trial to a better night’s sleep
20.11.14 Treats for tweets – the value of the new ‘social currency’
20.11.14 Parents make bad call with mobile phone use: CARRS-Q study
19.11.14 Former Governor-General The Honourable Quentin Bryce to address QUT Business Leaders' Forum
18.11.14 MEDIA ALERT: Are we prepared for catastrophic disasters?
18.11.14 Free Trade Agreement will cost Australia if past lessons aren’t learned
17.11.14 QUT Twitter G20 Leaderboard cracks one million tweets - Monday November 17
17.11.14 Chinese Governor visits QUT to cap off historic day
17.11.14 Unique school hol activity leads kids on a mystery hunt through Old Govt House
17.11.14 G20 additional economic growth and job creation, aspirational
16.11.14 G20 Communique leads the way for international tax reform
14.11.14 QUT and Indonesia maintain close ties
14.11.14 Indian PM stresses importance of research during QUT visit
15.11.14 Indian PM inspects QUT’s AgBot II
16.11.14 QUT’s 5 pillar strategy to address world food crisis
16.11.14 QUT Twitter G20 Leaderboard - Sunday November 16
15.11.14 Obama speech Twitter activity
15.11.14 QUT Twitter G20 Leaderboard - Saturday November 15
14.11.14 QUT Twitter Leaderboard - Friday November 14
15.11.14 Australia-India research aims for cheaper fuels and chemicals from agricultural waste
15.11.14 QUT and India agricultural technology agreement
13.11.14 Historic APEC deals show up G20 failings
13.11.14 QUT journalism students broadcast from the G20
13.11.14 QUT Twitter G20 Leaderboard
12.11.14 QUT helps China to better predict dengue fever outbreaks
12.11.14 Climate change will bring `devastating’ dengue fever surge
12.11.14 QUT know-how puts the G20 in ‘touch’ with the best from Queensland
12.11.14 OECD secretary-general visits The Cube Globe
10.11.14 QUT G20 contacts for media
12.11.14 Big-data project gives birds-eye view of the G20
11.11.14 Comet comment: QUT expert explains how to land a robot on a moving comet
11.11.14 Next-gen social media analytics is here
11.11.14 Queensland research helping reduce road fatalities in China
10.11.14 Regional students urged to apply for QUT Equity Scholarships through QTAC
10.11.14 ‘Carbon violence’ underlies the green sheen of carbon offsets
07.11.14 Creative3 win puts app start-up on world stage
07.11.14 Team Memorial secure G20 Global Business Challenge prize
07.11.14 A Tenfold celebration of a decade of QUT Fashion graduates
06.11.14 QUT leading the charge for panel-powered car
06.11.14 Waterproofing invention ticks all the boxes for sustainability
06.11.14 New partnership to enhance emergency response and disaster management
06.11.14 G20 business challenge finalists compete for $100,000
05.11.14 QUT offers Australia's first endoscopy postgraduate course
05.11.14 Funding boost for QUT research
24.11.14 QUT News & Events Wrap
03.11.14 New study asks why “willpower” alone fails the weight test
31.10.14 Get on board tech train or risk running out of steam
29.10.14 QUT salutes our seventh Rhodes Scholar
03.11.14 QUT launches Qld-first law-biomedical double degree
28.10.14 3D model skin burnt to find better bandages for child burns victims
28.10.14 Independent music award for music lecturer
28.10.14 What’s in a name? Everything - if you’re a fruit fly
27.10.14 $4 million boost for low-income uni students
27.10.14 Courts follow doctors, not families, when it comes to patients' best interests
24.10.14 Leading mathematics teaching program moves mainstream
24.10.14 Don’t bet on stinginess to keep stress low
23.10.14 QUT vaccination program wins Innovative Pharmacist of the Year award
23.10.14 Recession storm clouds on Australia’s horizon
21.10.14 Companies paying for white collar crime
21.10.14 Hungry or not, kids will eat treats
21.10.14 Two great QUT minds made Fellows of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
21.10.14 Paper business cards to become the needle in a haystack
20.10.14 Bite to the death: Brisbane Sugarbag bees launch all-conquering raids
20.10.14 Searching for a solution to shortsightedness
20.10.14 Top marks for taking the pain out of timesheeting
20.10.14 Dance psychologist awarded for industry contribution
20.10.14 G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane
Australian fruit fly biologist honoured
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