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Latest News
05.05.15 QUT visit to keep the ‘happy country’ smiling

Government leaders from Bhutan are visiting QUT to ensure the country that values happiness more than any other keeps its next generation smiling.

05.05.15 Exercise not a magic cure for weight loss

Despite its obvious health benefits, exercise does not automatically offset calories consumed and lead to weight loss.

05.05.15 One-woman nursing comedy is fully sick

Caring for the sick is an ancient profession but how much do we really know about being a nurse?

05.05.15 ‘Dr Google’ doesn’t know best – search engine self-diagnosis and ‘cyberchondria’

QUT research is aiming to improve search engines after finding online self-diagnosis of health conditions provides misleading results that can do more harm than good.

04.05.15 Rate cut won’t make us masters of monetary destiny

The Reserve Bank of Australia will cut interest rates when it meets tomorrow(TUESDAY) but the Australian dollar won't fall solely on the back of it and any fall will be short lived, a QUT economist says.

01.05.15 Cyclists get say on new QUT safety app: CARRS-Q study

Australian riders are being given the chance to have their say on beefing up safety features in a new QUT app designed to warn cyclists and drivers of an impending crash.

Other News
01.05.15 QUT Dance graduates leap into real world career with Expressions Dance Company
30.04.15 New study calls for changes to childcare ‘mandatory’ sleep rules
30.04.15 QUT researchers eye pioneering therapy to treat personality disorders
29.04.15 Is there charity in human cryopreservation? Strange and significant cases from the nonprofit sector
29.04.15 QUT breakthrough in 3D printing of replacement body parts
29.04.15 ‘Safe haven’ Commonwealth Bonds now as risky as stock
22.04.15 Digital media is changing your life: experts track how
22.04.15 Brisbane pivotal to $250 billion global spatial industry
22.04.15 Listening to ‘daggy’ Dad music: why some kids can’t shake it off
22.04.15 QUT unveils Australian-first Chair to shape the digital economy
21.04.15 Early child care experiences play role in kids’ future
20.04.15 QUT Classic puts 1300 runners to the test on May 3
20.04.15 New flood-resistant QUT Gardens Point ferry terminal opens
20.04.15 Shock horror: Humour persuades young males to slow down
20.04.15 QUT hosts Domestic Violence Symposium
16.04.15 QUT creative writing graduate a 2015 Stella Prize contender for first book
14.04.15 2015 Arrow Energy QUT Indigenous Scholarships announced
20.04.15 2015 QUT Nikon Small World Competition
09.04.15 Corporate tax crackdown must start on our shores
09.04.15 Democratising research: a funding-system fix might be as simple as a secret ballot
09.04.15 Outgoing Telstra chief executive David Thodey to address QUT Business Leaders’ Forum
09.04.15 Volunteers wanted for unique Alzheimer’s Disease early detection research project
07.04.15 The business of art: CJ Hendry’s strategy short circuits the art sector’s traditional model
02.04.15 Rate cut on the way but risk comes with it
01.04.15 Exercise away diabetes risk
01.04.15 Catch Mother Nature’s third act – expert available on 4 April lunar eclipse
31.03.15 Prostate Cancer Research Under Threat - It’s A Bloke Thing Foundation helps keep Brisbane research afloat
31.03.15 Professor Pamela Russell made a fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences
31.03.15 Mastering the films and art of David Lynch
31.03.15 QUT congratulates its 2015 Queensland Music Award winners
30.03.15 Leaving BrisVegas via digital departure
20.04.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
30.03.15 Collaborate, innovate, or be left behind
30.03.15 Try a little self-kindness: help for stressed-out new mums
26.03.15 Cricketers must hit ‘Gold Medal Fever’ for six for World Cup success
26.03.15 Prostate cancer grant boost for QUT researchers
25.03.15 ‘Go outside and play’ means different things to kids and parents
24.03.15 Robot revolution will change world of work
23.03.15 Don’t let sweet treats leave a sour taste this Easter
23.03.15 QUT becomes first Australian uni to sign research deal with China’s largest province
23.03.15 A king's bones under a carpark? Free public talk @ QUT
23.03.15 Rush to crush risks medicine effectiveness
23.03.15 Business success sees students reach summit
20.03.15 QUT creating the world’s Airports of the Future
19.03.15 ‘Illusion of control’ linked to higher risk taking
19.03.15 "Nudge" techniques improve compliance with liquidators
19.03.15 New world-first road safety work zone crash barriers to save lives
19.03.15 QUT provides six Brisbane International Student Ambassadors
07.04.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
16.03.15 Australian-first chair to shape the digital economy
16.03.15 Police not prepared for death investigations
13.03.15 Final countdown for marathon of music
13.03.15 Advanced social media analytics tool tracks sentiment and trends for NSW election
12.03.15 Sign up now for Queensland program to prevent childhood obesity
12.03.15 Secret to how plants regulate Vitamin C production proves surprising
11.03.15 Future farming ready for robots and big data
11.03.15 New mums more satisfied after giving birth in a public hospital
10.03.15 Seeking the facts about dementia-related wandering in residential aged care: QUT study
10.03.15 Victims say face-to-face bullying worse than cyber-attacks: QUT study
10.03.15 'I need a bodyguard just to go to the cinema': Women's experiences of ‘everyday’ sexual assault
09.03.15 Let's trial women-only police stations to help combat violence against women
09.03.15 Do you see what I see? Meet the team giving robots an insight into being human.
06.03.15 QUT creatives score multiple 2015 Queensland Music Awards nominations
06.03.15 Protein push could help dieters fight fat
12.12.14 Tyra on lycra ladder to success
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