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Latest News
30.08.16 QUT honours history in expanded Creative Industries Precinct

The rich Indigenous and military history of Kelvin Grove has not been forgotten in the expansion of the QUT Creative Industries Precinct, which opened to the public with the CreateX festival on 28 August.

30.08.16 National overhaul to know what teachers are needed and where  

A leading QUT education expert says an up-to-date national register on what subjects teachers are needed for in secondary school would help universities better prepare graduates.

29.08.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - August 29 edition

Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 14,289 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter. To subscribe to this wrap, please email media@qut.edu.au

26.08.16 Brace yourself - VR is about to get real

Once a realm solely for computer-generated imagery, 360-degree virtual reality (VR) technology is about to get uncomfortably real, taking audience participation beyond anything ever experienced.

26.08.16 Media alert: the future of entertainment on show at QUT CreateX party

WHAT: Film/photograph the latest in augmented/virtual reality, see a ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon-style’ 3D film set in Brisbane’s mangroves, join a workshop to make ‘dead puppets’ or ‘vegan leather’ jewellery, turn a smart phone into a hologram, watch fashion parades, dancers and robots at play and hear about Brisbane’s post-punk music scene from someone who was there. It’s all happening at the public opening of the $88 million expansion of QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct (Kelvin Grove) on Sunday 28 August.

25.08.16 Call to ban doctors from conscientious objection: QUT lecture

Doctors working in the public system should not be able to object to performing procedures such as abortions or prescribing contraception on the basis of their own values or religious beliefs, says bioethicist Professor Julian Savulescu, who is speaking on the topic of conscientious objection in medicine at QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) on August 30.

Other News
25.08.16 Visual arts new lease of life at QUT’s expanded Creative Industries precinct
25.08.16 New funds to recharge battery research
25.08.16 Mad tech mash makes a mind-blowing augmented reality adventure
25.08.16 An imbalance in nutrients threatens plant biodiversity: Global experiment
25.08.16 ‘Communitainment’ is what young people want – QUT expert
23.08.16 Post-punk guitarist spins tales of Brisbane’s 70s music scene at CreateX
23.08.16 QUT major creative industries expansion opens
23.08.16 Northside STEM challenge: Robots open students’ eyes to the future
22.08.16 Media alert: Creative QUT public party will blow your mind
22.08.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - August 22 edition
22.08.16 Loyalty is dead
18.08.16 Young QUT researchers named winners at Young Tall Poppy science awards
18.08.16 Buyer beware: inner city apartment prices to fall by up to 25 per cent
18.08.16 Tall Poppy winner ‘weeds out’ bacterial superbugs
18.08.16 Childhood sleep scientist awakens Tall Poppy awards
18.08.16 Get on your soapbox: How QUT is helping find a threatened species
18.08.16 Creative industries key to robot-proofing jobs of the future
18.08.16 2016 Tall Poppy awards: Cancer care researcher nurtures patients’ health
17.08.16 Online fraud & romance scam victims find reporting the crime just as traumatic
16.08.16 Music industry legend bows out in style with QUT CreateX festival
16.08.16 Desperate need for elder abuse prevention research: new report
16.08.16 New Fred Hollows Foundation initiative supports QUT optometry student
16.08.16 Helping the community to speak up for road safety: CARRS-Q
16.08.16 Dance takes great leap forward at QUT’s new state-of-art facilities
15.08.16 Robotics@QUT shines in STEM awards
15.08.16 NAB CEO to address QUT Business Leaders' Forum
15.08.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - August 15 edition
12.08.16 QUT researchers finalists for 2016 Eureka Prizes
12.08.16 QUT celebrates our Rio athletes
12.08.16 Caught in the act: first videos of coral bleaching behaviour
12.08.16 Technology – a bridge over divided waters
11.08.16 Education discipline wars and the missing ‘E’ in STEM, argues QUT researcher
11.08.16 ‘Dead puppets’ and 'vegan leather' - yours for the making at CreateX
15.08.16 QUT News & Events Wrap - August 9 edition
09.08.16 QUT artist works Over Many Horizons
09.08.16 Fright night: Australia’s creepy census threatens privacy and our civil liberties
09.08.16 Light and caffeine improve driver alertness: CARRS-Q study
04.08.16 CreateX Festival – join QUT’s ultimate housewarming party
04.08.16 Aldi has led the way for a Lidl competition in the supermarket wars
03.08.16 Why parents are the new “heroes” in policing young drivers
02.08.16 Industry excellence and humanitarian effort characterise QUT Outstanding Alumni Awardees
02.08.16 Border Force Commissioner named QUT's Outstanding Alumni Award winner for the Faculty of Law
02.08.16 Inspiring educator named QUT's Outstanding Alumni Award winner for the Faculty of Education
02.08.16 Humanitarian named QUT's Outstanding Alumni Award winner for QUT Business School
02.08.16 Indigenous education leader named QUT 2016 Young Alumnus of the Year
02.08.16 Dietitian wins QUT Outstanding Alumni Special Excellence Award for health
02.08.16 Podiatry pioneer named QUT’s Outstanding Alumni Award winner for Faculty of Health
02.08.16 IT guru named QUT’s Outstanding Alumni Award winner for Science and Engineering Faculty
02.08.16 Hummingbird House cofounder honoured with QUT Special Excellence Award
02.08.16 Make your own vegan leather fashion at QUT festival
02.08.16 People not technology will drive success of autonomous vehicles
01.08.16 East Timor's new Doctor of Public Health dedicated to helping his people
01.08.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
01.08.16 Prestigious teaching award recognises leading QUT educator
01.08.16 QUT focuses on women in STEM
29.07.16 From city to bush: Qld business legends inducted into 2016 Hall of Fame
29.07.16 Bridge builder cemented into history books
29.07.16 Pastoral heritage recognised in 2016 Hall of Fame
29.07.16 Queensland’s biggest company earns Hall of Fame honour
29.07.16 Hall of Fame reserves seat for company director Rod Wylie
29.07.16 Nation’s first female stockbroker figures in Hall of Fame
29.07.16 IT industry pioneer inducted into Hall of Fame
28.07.16 Winter school at QUT opens opportunities for Indigenous students
27.07.16 Youth justice experts want Royal Commission extended to all Australia: open letter
25.07.16 Head into QUT this Sunday to catch course info ... and a few Pokémon
25.07.16 QUT behavioural economist wins the Young Economist Award
25.07.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
21.07.16 Break the bedtime shenanigans early, says QUT researcher
21.07.16 Parental policing: what are mums and dads doing to encourage safe driving?
18.07.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
An imbalance in nutrients threatens plant biodiversity: Global experiment
Tall Poppy winner ‘weeds out’ bacterial superbugs
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