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08.02.16 QUT News & Events Wrap


Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 12,451 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter.

04.02.16 Data from Australia’s largest-ever study of business start-ups released

Research data from Australia’s largest-ever study of business start-ups was released to the public today by QUT and Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne.

04.02.16 100 QUT staff members recognised internationally for achievements in learning and teaching

More than 100 QUT academic and professional staff have attained international recognition for their achievements in learning and teaching through the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA).

03.02.16 Floods are inevitable – how can we prepare Brisbane for the next one?

Houses that float up and down on their extended stumps, cars that lock 50m from an overflowing creek, transport networks well away from at-risk areas – just some of the ideas canvassed at the Flood Hypothetical at QUT on Thursday, February 4 to help save lives and property from rising floodwaters.

02.02.16 AMP chairman Simon McKeon to address first 2016 QUT Business Leaders' Forum

AMP chairman Simon McKeon AO will address the first 2016 QUT Business Leaders’ Forum on Wednesday, 2 March at The Hilton Brisbane.

02.02.16 Helicopter parents take extreme approach to homework

Parents who take the overparenting approach, known as helicopter parenting, are possibly hindering their child’s development by becoming too heavily involved in homework.

Other News
01.02.16 QUT congratulates Prof Carol Dickenson on Australia Day honour
01.02.16 Breakthrough discovery reveals how thirsty trees pull water to their canopies
28.01.16 What’s a teacher’s tipping point? Study researches teachers’ reasons to refer anxious children
27.01.16 Children with disabilities risk being misdiagnosed: QUT researcher
22.01.16 Animal abuse linked to domestic violence
21.01.16 The ABCs of healthy school lunch box preparation
21.01.16 Where women live influences decisions about breast cancer treatment
19.01.16 QUT music students vie for Triple J Hottest 100 spot
18.01.16 Masters – poor timing and strategic error
01.02.16 Helicopter parents take extreme approach to homework
14.01.16 Healthy lifestyle program – PEACH – launches free online version
14.01.16 QTAC January offers released
14.01.16 Closing the loop: adrenaline junkie researcher discovers why we need roller coasters
13.01.16 Cyberbullying making Australian public servants miserable
13.01.16 Fists at dawn: young women’s fights start on social media & move to reality
25.01.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
07.01.16 Volunteers wanted for study concerning falls in older adults with macular degeneration
07.01.16 Global research hub publishes QUT study on light exposure and kids’ weight
06.01.16 Jurassic genius: digital zoo shows the real world of dinosaurs
03.01.16 QUT mourns passing of Adjunct Professor Brian Johns AO - a visionary of digital futures for Australian culture
18.01.16 QUT News and Events Wrap
24.12.15 Empty shelves could await those who’ve delayed Christmas shopping
23.12.15 New program reduces hospital infections
23.12.15 QUT and Global Road Technology invest in building better roads
22.12.15 QUT's top stories for 2015
22.12.15 $19 billion Christmas food spree is well underway
22.12.15 Road rumble strips are a wake-up call to pull over: QUT study
21.12.15 Award-winning performance secures ‘Oscars of higher education’ for QUT
21.12.15 ‘Tap and go’ is a trap to know: expect buyers’ remorse mid Jan
18.12.15 Australians don’t do Christmas movies but we love watching them
17.12.15 From meat, potato & two veg to superfoods: QUT marks 40 years of nutrition teaching
17.12.15 Brisbane where? Chinese tourists won’t gamble on BrisVegas
16.12.15 A simple saliva test could replace blood tests for heart failure: QUT study
16.12.15 $800k grant to bring blood and nutrients to 3D printed organs
14.12.15 The heat is on – how to survive a long, hot El Niño summer
11.01.16 QUT News & Events Wrap
14.12.15 Unclean water supply may contribute to lower life expectancy in remote Australia
10.12.15 Short and successful: More drink drivers set to stay under the limit
10.12.15 Baden-Clay - a "crime scene setter": researcher
09.12.15 Sexual harassment widespread in Victoria Police, report finds
09.12.15 QUT wins two prestigious teaching awards
09.12.15 Roger That! CB radio turns digital with TravelPal prototype  
08.12.15 QUT sculptor’s career gets freeway fast-track
01.12.15 Teachers and tech anywhere and anyplace – how to carry your classroom cloud!
01.12.15 QUT students seize New Colombo Plan scholarships to strengthen Indo-Pacific ties
21.12.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
23.11.15 Clean and green: Energy efficiency boost for engineers of the future
14.12.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
10.11.15 Good vibrations: QUT building monitoring system passing earthquake tests
09.11.15 $3.5M NHMRC grants success for QUT researchers
27.10.15 Meat in moderation still okay: QUT dietitian
13.10.15 Helping older drivers: International award for QUT optometry researcher
22.09.15 Andrew on track for great career
Jurassic genius: digital zoo shows the real world of dinosaurs
Good vibrations: QUT building monitoring system passing earthquake tests
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