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Latest News
01.12.15 Enjoy Christmas delights without going overboard – top holiday tips

School holidays have already begun for many Queensland kids and Christmas is just around the corner so festive season temptations present a challenge to maintaining a healthy balance.

01.12.15 Teachers and tech anywhere and anyplace – how to carry your classroom cloud!

Schools need to do more to create "cloud" classrooms so students tap into their lessons from anywhere and anyplace but teachers remain crucial to learning, according to a QUT education researcher.

01.12.15 QUT students seize Colombo Plan scholarships to strengthen Indo-Pacific ties

Four students from QUT have been selected for the Australian Government’s prestigious New Colombo Plan student exchange scholarships.

30.11.15 Paris poker game: COP21 leaders gambling with our future

With the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) kicking off in Paris tomorrow (Australian time), a QUT academic is warning the delegation won’t secure real action on climate change because member countries aren’t coming clean with their environmental data.

26.11.15 Hospital records key to preventing child injuries: QUT study

Almost 50 per cent of child injures requiring treatment in emergency departments are linked to consumer products, but a lack of detailed hospital records is restricting child safety experts from identifying if a product fault or misuse is the cause, a QUT study has found.

25.11.15 Have your say on wearable gadgets that help avoid sunburn

Wearable gadgets are the new wave of sun protection offering the potential to reduce skin cancer rates to those most at risk of sunburn, young people aged 18-35, according to QUT researchers.

Other News
25.11.15 Bobbing buoy set to be early flood warning system
25.11.15 Red panda Ray targets Schoolies’ alcohol abuse
24.11.15 Domestic violence victims should seek help early as Xmas approaches
24.11.15 Sharing economy can help financial struggles
23.11.15 Clean and green: Energy efficiency boost for engineers of the future
23.11.15 The march of progress? Australian Defence Force working on flexibility
23.11.15 Paris poker game: COP21 leaders gambling with our future
23.11.15 Property prices on Brisbane suburbs near airport or under flight path continue to rise
19.11.15 Out of school and into debt? Calls for teens to swot up on money matters
18.11.15 Learn astrophysics - then eat your experiments!
18.11.15 Rise of the tiny house movement in Australia: from small things big things grow
18.11.15 Brisbane has come of age in the fashion retail stakes
17.11.15 Aussie generosity under the microscope in nationwide study
17.11.15 Drug driving: are your meds affecting you?
17.11.15 Australia's advanced bio-tech industries offer economic security
17.11.15 Abuse as a child brings a lifetime burden: study finds a third of self-harm due to abuse
30.11.15 QUT News & Events Wrap
13.11.15 The Cube presents virtual reality taste of Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival
13.11.15 YouTube/Qld Government creative partnership welcomed by QUT
12.11.15 QUT partners with Australia India Institute
12.11.15 Rude drivers turn “good” drivers bad
12.11.15 Smart but shy: what women want in a sperm donor
11.11.15 QUT staff making a difference to the community
11.11.15 Get serious about social media: governments urged to communicate better in disasters
11.11.15 Dazzling creativity at QUT Fashion Design Graduate showcase
11.11.15 Call for young drivers to take part in 7-day sleepy driving study
10.11.15 QUT plans permanent memorial to journalists and media staff killed in conflicts
10.11.15 Good vibrations: QUT building monitoring system passing earthquake tests
09.11.15 QUT symposium on the prevention of child abuse
09.11.15 Natural birth is more common in public hospitals outside business hours
09.11.15 Prized idea gives global food for thought
09.11.15 $3.5M NHMRC grants success for QUT researchers
06.11.15 Australian plants could hold key to treating wounds, Alzheimer’s and other diseases
06.11.15 TPP - light on environment & labour, sweet on multinationals
05.11.15 Australia needs right tools to build path to innovation
05.11.15 QUT receives citation for workplace gender equality
05.11.15 Australia’s role at World Bank meeting an eye-opener for QUT student
05.11.15 Biofutures – turning waste into jobs
04.11.15 Easing PTSD symptoms with exercise: defence personnel & first responders trial at QUT
03.11.15 ‘Magic’ plant discovery could lead to growing food in space
02.11.15 New laws to put the squeeze on ‘lemons’
02.11.15 Living alone can dent healthy diets
02.11.15 Biofutures development offers gains for Queensland
30.10.15 $8 million boost to QUT research
29.10.15 QUT creates haunted house Escape Room Halloween challenge
28.10.15 Queensland researchers target cancer medicine breakthrough
28.10.15 Future of METS sector to be shaped at QUT
28.10.15 QUT celebrates our eighth Rhodes Scholar
27.10.15 Meat in moderation still okay: QUT dietitian
27.10.15 The thrill of the chase: the new 'sport shopper'
26.10.15 INTERPLAY: Design, technology, science and arts - QUT hosts global design research event
23.10.15 Clenergy TeamArrow still the fastest Australian team under the sun
23.10.15 World-first QUT study links light exposure to weight gain in children
22.10.15 Call for calm during high-schoolers’ high-stakes testing debate
21.10.15 Would you share left over food rather than let it go to waste? QUT study
21.10.15 Embrace diversity to find success – former David Jones CEO
19.10.15 PCYCs have a positive effect on preventing crime and building trust with police: report
19.10.15 Gloomy Aussie outlook forecasts unfriendly future
16.10.15 New study: Is ACT Road Ready making young drivers safer?
16.10.15 Smart car cyberattack warning: QUT research finds flaws in security systems
16.10.15 Video compression champs win top marks in innovation challenge
16.10.15 Don’t smile for the camera when sleepy: CARRS-Q study
16.10.15 New tool to help melanoma’s most at-risk group detect cancer early
15.10.15 “Towards Zero” action needed to tackle road trauma: conference
15.10.15 QUT design star represents Australia in Adobe’s World’s Biggest Student Art Show
15.10.15 Mum-and-dad investors at risk as big banks raise rates
14.10.15 “Towards Zero” action needed to tackle road trauma: MEDIA CONFERENCE
14.10.15 Healthy food vending machines? It's no oxymoron - they offer fresh, paleo, gluten-free …
14.10.15 Young drivers don’t see dangers of driving tired: CARRS-Q study
13.10.15 CARRS-Q hosts 2015 Australasian Road Safety Conference
QUT celebrates our eighth Rhodes Scholar
Good vibrations: QUT building monitoring system passing earthquake tests
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